Do you remember back in 1995? In the early years of the internet? Then, no business had a website and everything was beautiful and simple!
We built our first page in mid-2001. It was a simple page that promoted the products and services of a Pharmacy. Probably 4 or 5 static pages…

Now, after almost 20 years, there are more than 1.5 billion pages !!! Now we have become all magicians 😀
There are now tools that each one can set up a static page, easily and quickly. But is this enough nowadays?

I feel very frustrated when I come across people who are trying and think that a site, without a blog, without a channel on social networks, is enough. They think that through the search, their potential customers will find them and open their wallets …

Obs!!! This may work for some maybe users, but consumers are now more demanding. They want proof. They want to know what you are offering them, but they mostly want to feel confident. They want to find a connection to feel good. But if you are not the one to give them, then be sure someone else will. I guarantee it.
Sales on the web have changed.
A static page that works as a brochure does not work by itself nowadays. A page that has been revamped for decades, is not going to “pull” the eye of the users and will surely be lost to the millions of relevant search engine results. A two-way communication with a blog, with posts, and posts about what you offer, will boost your prestige and on the other hand, will give you more to trying to win the first-page war on the search engines due to updating content.

What can a blog bring to your business?
A blog can build the credibility of your business, project and highlight the specialization on your subject, strengthening your position in terms of competition. It creates the necessary proof of your abilities, It gives the clear message that you know well what you are doing, that you are knowledgeable, and that is what the buyer needs to trust you.

Social networks: what role do they have?
If you do not use Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Pinterest for your business, then you’ve lost too many opportunities to build trust links to “lock” your customers.

Especially all of us, the small businesses, small community traders who are working in a hostile and competitive environment in relation to the big firms.

Today’s consumer is more “sparing”, more ungenerous than the past, and certainly, without creating a relationship of trust, he can not give you his money. Especially when searching and selling becomes impersonal through a keyboard, mouse and credit card.

The system now works as follows: In most cases, the relationship is first built through social networks, like a beautiful conversation with a company, a good day for the customer who went out of your door. In the process, we offer the necessary information and education through our blog, and of course, in the next step, we present our products or services through our page. In the end, once we have earned our trust, we ask for permission to send us, by e-mail, updates about our products and promotions.

Yes, we know it needs work. Yes, we know it needs time and money. Of course, you need a clear strategy and a goal in what you want to achieve. You need passion and knowledge and if you feel a bit disadvantageous because you do not know about all of this, we are at your disposal to discuss it. We want, and we can help. Do you want to stand out?