Andriani Markaki

Andriani Markaki

Marketing director


The design is NOT luxury!
The design is a corporate need!
The graphic design of the form and the content of a visual message, is the functional tool of any useful communication effort, the essential content of advertising and any other method of promotion, commercial or not, the well-work of skilled professionals.
It is a daily necessity that looks like a luxury but is the indicator of our culture and business success.

Ioannis Koumarianos

Ioannis Koumarianos

Graphic Designer

From the right choice of letters, the intelligent selection of images, the conscious use of colors, the good management of space and time, the balanced use of innovative and familiar visual elements, the denaturation of Art in a utilitarian visual message, and the research they all need.
From the good design depends the success of the communication.

Alexandra Farazouli


Maria Bampa

Web Developer

Georgios Chatzitheologou

Sales Consultant