Andriani Markaki

Andriani Markaki

Marketing director


The design is NOT luxury!
The design is a corporate need!
The graphic design of the form and the content of a visual message, is the functional tool of any useful communication effort, the essential content of advertising and any other method of promotion, commercial or not, the well-work of skilled professionals.
It is a daily necessity that looks like a luxury but is the indicator of our culture and business success.

Linda Carlsson

Linda Carlsson

Graphic Designer


I´ve been working as a graphic designer for the past 20 years. No matter their size or name, all clients have received the same level of attention.
To me a good graphic designer is prestigeless as well as a good listener.
The true challenge is to understand and formulate the message you, as a client, wants to communicate to your customers in a way that leaves them with a satisfying feeling of understanding.
All this, packaged in a suitable and tasteful way is what I do for a living.

Alexandra Farazouli


Maria Bampa

Web Developer

Georgios Chatzitheologou

Sales Consultant